1850 Fatal Pit Bull Attack: Baby Schenck

October 1850, Montgomery County, OH
Baby Schenck, child
Fatal bulldog (pit bull-type) attack
Lewisburg Chronicle
Library of Congress
November 6, 1850

Awful Death of a Child
Mrs. Schenck a widow, living some five miles beyond Montgomery, in this county, had her child, a little girl just able to walk, attacked by a big bull dog. The dog seized the child by the throat, and the more he was pounded to make him let go, the harder he held on. The people broke the dog’s back, and after inserting a lever into his mouth, pried his jaws open and released the sufferer, but not until her throat was mangled so that many pieve hung loose. No hopes of the child’s recovery were entertained at last accounts; the physicians declared it past help–it is dead–here this. – Cincinnati Commercial

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