1892 Breed-Specific Pit Bulldog Ordinance – Asheville, NC

With the Alerman
Asheville Daily Citizen
November 12, 1892
Library of Congress

With the Alderman
Mr. Starnes promised to have an ordinance prepared by the next meeting, declaring bulldogs a nuisance and condemning them all to instant death, or something as bad. – Asheville Daily Citizen

The Lawyers In It
Asheville Daily Citizen
April 12, 1893
Library of Congress

The Lawyers In It.
It developed, at the December 22nd meeting, that $1,500 had been paid to the lawyers services in the street railway fight. At the same meeting Alderman Starnes’ bulldog ordinance requiring all bulldogs to be muzzled, was adopted. – Asheville Daily Citizen

The bulldog of the late 1800s and early 1900s is the same dog as today’s pit bull terrier. The only thing that has changed about this dog breed in the last century are the different names it goes by: bulldog, pit dog, bull pit, bull terrier — pit bull terrier. Modern dogfighters still call their fighting pit bulls “100% bulldog.” (See: Disguise breed name)
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