1891 Fatal Pit Bull Attack: Mary Glendenning

October 1891, Warren County, IN
Mary Glendenning, 35
Fatal bulldog (pit bull-type) attack
The Sun (Indiana)
October 2, 1891

Killed by a Bull-Dog
One Woman Horribly Lacerated and Another Injured
A Vicious Baltimore Brute Attacks His Mistress–A Neighbor Attempts a Rescue and is Badly Bitten–Saved by a Passing Stranger
Baltimore, Oct 2 — A most distressing affair occurred here Friday. Mrs. Mary Glendenning, aged 35, was attacked by a bull-dog at her house. The enraged brute sprang at her, fixed his teeth in her body and lacerated the flesh in the frightful manner. The frightened and frantic woman fought desperately for her life, screaming loudly for help the while. She was unable to beat off the vicious brute. The latter, after biting her severely three times, bore her to the ground and fixed his teeth in her side. Being almost unconscious, she was unable to further defend herself, and the animal dragged her some distance. Mrs. Hess, a neighbor, had heard the unfortunate woman’s screams and hurried to her aid. She attempted to to drive the dog away, but the latter left the prostrate form of his first victim and turned upon Mrs. Hess, biting her severely in the leg and arm. At that moment a man passing the house, discovered the endangered women and at once rushed to their rescue. After a considerable struggle he succeeded in beating off the dog. An examination developed that Mrs. Glendenning has been fatally wounded. Mrs. Hess may recover. – The Sun

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