1928 Pit Bull Fatality: Emily Kienle

February 1928, El Paso County, TX
Emily Kienle, 4
Fatal bulldog (pit bull-type) attack
Roswell Daily Record
February 11, 1928
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Pet Bull Dog Kills Child at El Paso
El Paso, Texas, Feb 11 –(AP)– Turning on his little mistress when she attempted to take a bone from him late Friday “Booster” pet bull dog inflicted injuries which caused death of Emily Kiene, 4, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Walter F. Kienle.
“My baby and the dog were best friends” said the father. “We have had him since he was six months old. As I figure it, Emily crawled into his kennel yesterday and picked up his bone and he attacked her. When he bit her he tasted blood. The dog clamped its jaws on the child’s throat and was dragging the child about the yard when discovered. The child was rushed to a local hospital but died during the night. Death was pronounced due to a fracture of the skull and loss of blood. – Roswell Daily Record

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