1908: ‘Pit’ Bulldog Muzzle Ordinance, Tampa, FL

Bulldogs of Tampa Must Wear Masks
Tampa Tribune
June 28, 1908

Bulldogs of Tampa Must Wear Masks
Chief of Police Woodward will issue instructions to members of the force to arrest every person who allows a bull dog to run on the streets of the city without being muzzled, and Judge Peeples will be ready with a stiff fine for those who violate the city ordinance providing that bull dogs be muzzled while on the street.
The attention of the police has been called to the number of dogs that have been allowed on the streets recently without a muzzle on and several instances of other dogs being almost killed by these vicious canines have been reported… – Tampa Tribune

The bulldog of the late 1800s and early 1900s is the same dog as today’s pit bull terrier. The only thing that has changed about this dog breed in the last century are the different names it goes by: bulldog, pit dog, bull pit, bull terrier — pit bull terrier. Modern dogfighters still call their fighting pit bulls “100% bulldog.” (See: Disguise breed name)
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