1904: ‘Pit’ Bulldog Ordinance, Savannah, Georgia

May 28, 1904
The Savannah morning news

Mayor Myers Is Inclined to Favor Such a Law.

“If the Chamber of Commerce will send us a communication on the subject, Council will give the matter careful consideration,” said Mayor Myers yesterday, in speaking of the bulldog muzzle ordinance.

Mr. Myers said he was rather inclined to favor such an ordinance. He thought the dogs dangerous. Council would certainly be glad to take the matter up. he said, if it should be brought to its attention. – The Savannah morning news

July 11, 1904
The Savannah morning news

Adopted. Herman Myers, Chairman Committee of the Whole. The Committee on Police, to which was referred the petition of Sig Gardner, chairman Committee on Promotion of Public Interest, asking Council to enact an ordinance requiring all bulldogs to be muzzled, respectfully return Inviting attention to Section 1272 of MacDonald’s code. The Mayor will no doubt instruct the police to see that said ordinance be enforced. – The Savannah morning news

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