1909 Fatal Pit Bull Attack: Harrison Banks, Jr.

February 1909, Letcher County, KY
Harrison Banks, Jr., Adult
Fatal dog attack involving bulldog (pit bull-type)

The Winchester News
Fabruary 20, 1909
Library of Congress

Elijah Banks Sets Dog on His Brother, Harrison, Whom He Had Struck Down.
It now develops the Elijah Banks was shooting at his wife and terribly beating her, when Harrison Banks, Jr., his brother remonstrated with him, taking his pistol from him. This enraged Elijah Banks and he turned on Harrison. He struck Harrison in the head with a stone fracturing his skull and rendering him unconscious, when he “hissed” his furious bulldog upon him. The bulldog literally tore his body to pieces, and Harrison Banks died a few hours later in great agony…
There is much excitement over the county. They are members of a prominent family of Letcher County. – The Winchester News

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