1905 Fatal Pit Bull Attack – Yvonne Davis

June 1905, Cook County, IL
Yvonne Davis, < 2
Fatal dog attack: bulldog (pit bull-type)

The Richmond Planet
August 26, 1905
Library of Congress

A Mad Bulldog Kills Baby Girl
The Vicious Beast Had Been a Playfellow
Bullets Killed the Brute, But His Terrible Fangs Held Unmercifully to the Little Victim —
Little One Torn to Pieces
Chicago — Unconscious that there could be peril for her in the dog which had been her playfellow since she could creed about the floor, Yvonne Davis, 18-months old, toddled bravely in pursuit of a rubber ball with which she had been playing in her father’s yard 1042 Otto Street. Her life was the penalty… – Richmond Planet

Yvonne Davis killed by pit bull in 1905

“The infuriated animal sunk its teeth into the child with a death grip

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