1896 Fatal Pit Bull Attack – Maggie Gorman

February 1896, Bergen County, NJ
Maggie Gorman, 6
Fatal dog attack: bulldogs (pit bull-type)

Vicious Bulldogs In New Jersey
A Girl Fatally Bitten and a Man’s Hand Badly Lacerated
Rutherford, N.J., Feb. 26 – Maggie Gorman, six years old, while playing in the kitchen of her father’s house, at Kingsland, this morning, was attacked by two bulldogs belonging to Martin Hogan, a neighbor. The girl was unable to protect herself, and was horribly bitten, her flesh being torn from the bones in many places. She was brought to Rutherford for medical treatment, but the doctors give no hope for her recovery. The dogs got away from their owner’s premises, and entered the Gorman house through an open window in the kitchen. – New York Times

[First documented home invasion attack]

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