1901 Fatal Pit Bull Attack – Martha Baxter

August 1901, Sangamon County, IL
Martha A. Baxter, Adult
Fatal dog attack: bulldog (pit bull-type)
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Fatally Torn by Bulldog
Springfield, Ill., Aug. 15 — Mrs. Martha A. Baxter, with of former Sheriff Baxter and state president of the Woman’s Relief corps. auxiliary to the Grand Army of the Republic, is dying at her home in Pawnee from injuries received in an attack by her bull dog. Mrs. Baxter received her injuries in a heroic attempt to protect a 10-year-old boy. Accompanied by the lad, she entered a neighbor’s yard last Friday to call on a sick friend. The dog made a rush for the boy and Mrs. Baxter drew the child aside and exposed herself to the brute. She was knocked down and bitten in a frightful manner. She would probably have been killed on the spot but for the interference of a villager who was attracted by her screams and choked off the infuriated brute.
– The Quincy Daily Whig, August 16, 1901 (archive.quincylibrary.org)

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