1891 Fatal Pit Bull Attack – Don Shorb

April 1891, Los Angeles County, CA
Don Shorb, 7
Fatal dog attack: bulldog (pit bull-type)
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The Record Union
April 11, 1891
Library of Congress

Fatally Bitten by a Bulldog
Los Angeles, April 10 – Don Shorb, 7-year old son of Hon. J. Debarth Shorb, was bitten by an English bulldog today and is dying tonight. Don had been playing with the dog. Its attention had been attracted by a gopher snake, and the dog was endeavoring to kill it. A crowd gathered and commenced to tease the dog. The animal became enraged and suddenly turned and grabbed the unfortunated boy by the leg. One leg, one hand and one arm were literally chewed up. The animal had to be shot before he let go. Tonight the boy is dying. – The Record-Union

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