2020 Fatal Pit Bull Attack: Barbara Cook

June 2020, St. Tammany Parish, LA
Barbara Cook, 72
Fatal pit bull attack
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Mandeville, LA – An elderly woman died at the hospital after being attacked by two family pit bulls Thursday at her home, authorities confirmed. St. Tammany Parish Sheriff’s Office (STPSO) responded to a home around 2:15 pm in the 600 block of Nancy Street. Both pit bulls were still attacking the victim when deputies arrived. When deputies intervened to stop the attack, the dogs turned on them. The deputies open fired on the dogs, killing one. The other dog fled the home. – DogsBite.org

One of her daughter’s, Charlotte Guidry, said the attack was not the first time Cook had been bitten by the dogs, who she said belonged to another of Cook’s daughters, Janell Callender, who has lived with her mother for several years. “They bit her in the face and throat, on the lip, gave her a black eye,” Guidry said of the previous attacks. “One time the excuse was that she was bending down to kill a roach and the dog thought she was going after Janell.” – NOLA

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