2020 Fatal Pit Bull Attack: Lee Becham

February 2020, Crawford County, GA
Lee Becham, 76
Fatal attack involving pit bulls
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Crawford County, GA – Crawford County Sheriff Lewis Walker confirmed that a 76-year old man was found unresponsive in his own yard in the 1900 block of Marshall Mill Road on February 23 at about 5:08 pm. Deputy Coroner Kenneth Winslett pronounced Lee Alvin Becham dead at the scene. There were “signs of bite marks” on his body. Coroner Sheldon Mattox later confirmed that Becham had severe dog bite marks on both of his extremities. – DogsBite.org

Samuel Arthur Brown, 55, and Angel Ann Brown, 52, were arrested on involuntary manslaughter charges after Lee Alvin Becham was believed to be killed by three dogs owned by the Browns, according to a release from Sheriff Lewis Walker. The three dogs suspected in the attack were removed from the Browns’ care. Walker said that it was a pair of pit bulls and a Labrador retriever mix.

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