2020 Fatal Pit Bull Attack: Geraldine Hamlin

February 2020, Caddo Parish, LA
Geraldine Hamlin, 64
Fatal pit bull attack
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Shreveport, LA – On Friday night, a Shreveport news station reported that a 64-year old woman died after being attacked by two family pit bulls in her home. The attack occurred Thursday evening at her residence in the 2900 block of 7th Street in the MLK neighborhood. According to Shreveport police, the homeowner’s son came home to find his pit bulls standing over his mother. – DogsBite.org

The victim has been identified as 64-year-old Geraldine Hamlin. Shreveport Police Corporal Angie Willhite says the woman shared a home with her son and the dogs. “Her son had been gone and when he arrived back at the house he found his mother with multiple dog bite injuries to her arms,” said Willhite. – LA Radio Network

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