2020 Fatal Pit Bull Attack: Sterling Ver Meer

February 2020, San Bernardino County, CA
Sterling Ver Meer, 5
Fatal pit bull attack – Child death
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Oro Grande, CA – A 5-year old boy is dead after being attacked by a family pit bull, according to San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department officials. The attack occurred just before 3:00 pm in the 15100 block of Portland Street. An adult was watching the child when the attack occurred. The adult witnessed the attack as it was happening and called 911. News footage shows animal control officers leading a dark brown male pit bull from the home and hoisting it into a truck. – DogsBite.org

Police said Vermeer was at home with an adult family member and the dog when the attack occurred shortly before 3 p.m. The family who lives at the home said they have had the 12-year-old pit bull since it was a puppy and trusted it around children. For unknown reasons, the dog attacked the child, severely injuring and ultimately killing him. “I was trying to help,” a cousin of the victim said. “I tried to get the dog and everything, but it was too late.” – CBS Los Angeles

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