2020 Fatal Pit Bull Attack: McKenzie Terwell

January 2020, Montgomery County, OH
McKenzie Terwell, < 1
Fatal pit bull attack – Child death
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Dayton, OH – On January 9, just before midnight, Dayton police officers were dispatched to a home in the 100 block of Vermont Avenue for reports of an infant not breathing. Officers found the baby girl had died after being attacked by the family pit bull, according to police. The infant died of blood loss due to extensive soft tissue trauma, according to Montgomery County Coroner Dr. Kent Harshbarger. The baby girl was later identified as 4-month old McKenzie Terwell. – DogsBite.org

The dog, who Dayton Police say is a pit bull, has since been quarantined and the incident is under investigation by the police department’s Special Victims Unit. Two “beware of dog” signs are posted at the front of the Vermont Avenue home. According to a 911 call, a parent had returned home to find the baby on the floor and not breathing. The parent also told the dispatcher a family member was supposed to be watching the girl. – WDTN

McKenzie Terwell killed by pit bull

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