2019 Fatal Pit Bull Attack: Dustin Bryan

October 2019, Stanislaus County, CA
Dustin Bryan, 21
Fatal Pit Bull Attack
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Modesto, CA – Police say a 21-year old man discovered dead and covered in blood inside a La Loma neighborhood home may have been mauled by one or both pit bulls living in the home. He was discovered about 7:00 am Tuesday by family members he was staying with at a home in the 100 block of Village Road. His death is being treated as “suspicious” until an autopsy is conducted and the cause of death is determined, said Sgt. Kalani Souza of the Modesto Police Department. – DogsBite.org

Police believe the two pit bulls, 13-year-old Beze and 5-year-old Saxon, attacked Dustin Bryan in the upper body around 7 a.m., leaving him down and unresponsive. Now, they’re in quarantine at the Stanislaus County Animal Services Agency. “It’s not a good situation at all,” said Stanislaus County Animal Services Executive Director Annette Patton. While in quarantine, Saxon and Beze will be tested for rabies and monitored by the staff veterinarian for any aggressive tendencies. – Fox 40

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