2019 Fatal Pit Bull Attack: Mario Moore

July 2019, Shelby County, TN
Mario Moore, 40
Fatal pack attack involving pit bull(s)
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Memphis, TN – Late Friday, it was reported that a 40-year old man was killed by a pack of dogs near the intersection of Belle Haven and Meadowbrook in Memphis. The vicious attack occurred Thursday about 2:00 am. He was transported in critical condition to Regional Medical Center, where he later died. A family member identified the victim as Mario Moore. His death by a “pack of dogs” comes two weeks after a 45-year old man died a similar death in Lake Placid, Florida. – DogsBite.org

Sherry Pruitt says she understands some of what Moore felt, because she says she was attacked while walking on that same street back in May. “I knew that’s what was going to happen and that’s what I was trying to prevent,” Pruitt said. “I felt horrible for that family because I knew what it felt like for me and I made it. So I can’t imagine what that man went through.” WREG showed her pictures of the dogs involved in Moore’s attack. She immediately recognized them… – WREG

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