2019 Fatal Pit Bull Attack: Homer Utterback

July 2019, Fayette County, PA
Homer Utterback, 52
Fatal pit bull attack
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Uniontown, PA – A man is dead after his own dog brutally attacked him. Police identified the man as 52-year old Homer Utterback. Just before 1:00 am Thursday, Utterback’s girlfriend heard something fall, police said. She got up to see what the noise was and found Utterback on the floor with the dog biting his neck. Police said by the time EMS arrived, Utterback was dead. Utterback’s girlfriend told officers the dog was their pet for a decade and was Utterback’s “best friend.” – Dogsbite.org

“I was shocked,” Kelsey Matlock told WXPI, a friend of the family. “I was so shocked, I, I don’t even know how to explain it. It just wasn’t, the dog just attacked. He went into a seizure, it was dark in the room, and the dog got frightened,” she said. Police said they do not yet know what triggered the dog, Petey [a pet pit bull of 10 years], to start attacking Utterback. – WXPI

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