2019 Fatal Pit Bull Attack: Christine Liquori

May 2019, St. Lucie County, FL
Christine Liquori, 52
Fatal pit bull attack
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A volunteer at the Humane Society of St. Lucie County is dead after being attacked by a dog earlier today, Fort Pierce police said. Responders were called to the facility at 100 Savannah Road about 2:17 pm. “This incident involved an adult volunteer, who is deceased,” police stated in a news release issued at 5:02 pm. The victim was later identified as Christine Liquori. – DogsBite.org

The Medical Examiner’s Office said Friday it ruled Liquori’s death accidental, with the cause being severe loss of blood due to dog bites. The dog involved, identified as a pit bull-mix, was euthanized Friday. Liquori had volunteered at the shelter for several years, the last three with a group called Paws Fur Recovery, an organization made up of recovering addicts, who work with the most problematic dogs. – CBS 12

Christine Liquori killed by rescue pit bull

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