2019 Pit Bull Fatality: Angela Johnson

February 2019, Anza, CA
Angela Johnson, 54-years old
Fatal pit bull attack
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UPDATE 02/18/19: A woman severely mauled by three pit bulls in December has passed away, according to announcements on Facebook by her family members. Angela Johnson, 54-years old, died on February 9, nearly two months after the vicious dog attack. On December 15, as Johnson was hanging laundry in the yard of her rural Anza home, three loose pit bulls violently attacked her. She was airlifted to a trauma center. Shortly thereafter, she was placed on life support. – DogsBite.org

Riverside County, CA – A son, already grieving after his mother was viciously mauled by three dogs while hanging laundry on her rural Anza property last Saturday, is now stuck having to make the terrible decision whether or not to leave his critically injured mother on life support or to allow doctors to remove his mother from the machines that have been keeping her alive for the last four days. – Riverside County News Source

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