2019 Pit Bull Fatality: Ashton McGhee

February 2019, Guthrie, KY
Ashton McGhee, 1-year old
Fatal pit bull attack – child fatality
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Guthrie, KY – A baby boy is dead after being attacked by a family dog, according to Guthrie Police. On Thursday night, police responded to a home on North Ewing Street where they found a 1-year old boy on the couch, unresponsive, but breathing, reports WBKO in Bowling Green. The child had “deep abrasions to the head, chest, and neck” from being mauled by the family pit bull-mix, police said. The child’s grandmother suffered injuries while trying to pull the dog off the toddler. – DogsBite.org

It happened on North Ewing Street and Guthrie Police say the one-year old boy had been playing with a ball on the floor when the dog came in from outdoors. That’s when the dog attacked the child, causing deep lacerations to the head and chest and a broken jaw. The baby’s grandmother was also bit on the arm trying to stop the attack. – WHOP

Ashton McGhee killed by pit bull

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