2018 Pit Bull Fatality: Olga Rekhson

August 2018, Montgomery County, NC
Olga Rekhson, 64-years old
Fatal pit bull attack
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UPDATE: 08/27/18: The Montgomery County woman who died as a result of a pit bull attack Aug. 9 has been identified. According to Capt. Kelsey Brown with the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office, Olga Rekhson, 64, of 172 Cranberry Way, Troy, was the victim of the fatal attack. The attack took place at a Lake Tillery development on the western side of Montgomery County. Rekhson went missing while taking her daily walk. When she did not return home after several hours, her husband called neighbors and friends who searched the area. They were unable to locate her and called 911. – Courier Tribune

Troy, NC – Montgomery County Sheriff Chris Watkins released a statement Friday about a 66-year old woman mauled to death by two pit bulls in a Lake Tillery development on the western side of the county. She was discovered “deceased on the side of an unused road within the development.” Two pit bull dogs “with physical evidence reflecting the dog’s involvement” were located and taken into custody by animal control. The victim’s name has not been released – DogsBite.org

olga rekhson fatal pit bull attack

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