2018 Pit Bull Fatality: Gauge Eckenrode

May 2018, Lakemont, PA
Gauge Eckenrode, 6-years old
Fatal pit bull attack – child fatality
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Lakemont, PA – Blair County Coroner Patricia Ross identified the 6-year-old boy killed Thursday after a dog attack as Gauge Eckenrode. Police said family members tried to stop the dog during the attack by stabbing it. The dog was killed by police. Authorities said the dog was a “rescued pit bull” and had belong to the family for several years. – WJACTV

The boy’s family had two dogs, according to news reports. The attacking pit bull was killed, and the family asked authorities to take away their other dog. The deadly attack occurred inside the family’s home, Rick Vaughan said, a spokesman for the family. The child’s father was cutting grass when he heard the mother screaming and discovered “the dog on the boy.” By stabbing the dog, the father was able to get the animal off the child, but “It was already too late,” Vaughan said. – DogsBite.org

Gauge Eckenrode killed by family pit bull

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