2018 Pit Bull Fatality: Rylee Dodge

January 2018, Duncan, OK
Rylee Dodge, 3-years old
Fatal pit bull attack – child fatality
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Duncan, OK – A 3-year old girl killed by a family dog has been identified as Rylee Dodge. Her father, Jason Dodge, said the dog is a pit bull that he had only taken in five days earlier from a friend. In an interview with KFOR, Dodge said he left his daughter at home Sunday with Rylee’s grandmother. Dodge had only been away for about 20 minutes when he received a call that Rylee had been attacked. Dodge said Rylee opened up the front door to play with the dog and it attacked her. “I got [the dog] from a friend. I had it five days. I was very cautious about it, because I don’t just bring around dogs into my home. It was over a year, I was trying to do a good thing, because she was going to take it to the pound if I didn’t, and I love animals. So, I wanted to take it into my house because I know what would happen to a pit bull, you know.” – DogsBite.org

killed by pit bull 5 days after adoption

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