2017 Pit Bull Fatality: Lorraine Saylor

December 2017, Bell County, KY
Lorraine Saylor, 66
Fatal pit bull attack
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Arjay, KY – At approximately 10:20 this morning Deputy Robin Venable responded to a call of a dog attack in the Wieser Branch area of Arjay, Kentucky. Deputy Venable along with the Bell County EMS were the first to arrive on scene. Deputy Venable was assisted by Bell County Sheriff’s Office Sgt. Doug Jordan, Kentucky State Police Trooper Don Perry, and Kentucky Fish and Wildlife Lt. Ray Lawson. Incident to Deputy Venable’s investigation he determined the following: Early this morning Johnny Saylor woke up at his home looking for his wife, Lorraine, who was normally awake before him. His search lead him outside to his porch where he was attacked by two dogs described as both being pit bulls. The dogs grabbed Johnny Saylor attempting to pull him to the ground by his arm.
Johnny Saylor’s brother heard the commotion and came outside yelling at the dogs. They released Johnny and he went back into his home to get a .22 caliber pistol. He used the pistol to shoot one of the pit bulls in the chest as it lunged at him. – Bell County Sheriff’s Office

lorrain saylor killed by pit bull

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