2016 Pit Bull Fatality: Derion Stevenson

August 2016, Las Vegas, NV
Derion Stevenson, 9
Fatal pit bull attack

Las Vegas, NV – The Clark County coroner’s office said 9-year old Derion Stevenson died from blunt force injuries to the neck and head from the dog attack. The manner of death was ruled an accident. Derion was killed by a pit bull-mix while visiting a friend’s home Wednesday. The dog, named Left Eye, has since been euthanized. Jesse Roybal, a spokesman for the Metropolitan Police Department, said that Derion was with his friends when the pit bull fatally attacked him in the face and neck. – DogsBite.org

The pet “pit bull mix” that mauled and killed a 9-year-old Las Vegas boy Wednesday had been involved in a fight with another neighborhood dog in July, but Clark County animal control didn’t deem the animal dangerous or vicious at the time, reports the Las Vegas Review-Journal. The day of the dog fight, the pet’s owner was also cited for not neutering it and ordered to do so. When the boy was killed, the dog still hadn’t been neutered. – Las Vegas Review-Journal

derion stevenson killed by pit bull

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