2015 Pit Bull Fatality: Xavier Strickland

December 2015, Detroit, MI
Xavier Strickland, 4
Fatal pit bull attack

Detroit, MI – In a horrific attack, four pit bulls savagely attacked and killed a 4-year old boy as he walked down a residential sidewalk with his mother. The pit bulls escaped beneath their owner’s gate, snatched the boy away from his mother then yanked him back under the gate and brutally mauled him. Arriving officers shot and killed three of the dogs and took the fourth into custody. The child was rushed to the hospital in a police scout car, but did not survive his hideous injuries.

The violent attack occurred about 12:30 pm on Baylis Street along the Lodge Freeway. After the pit bulls dragged him under the gate and began ripping his flesh off, neighbors hurled bricks at the dogs to help free the boy. The attack continued until police arrived. They entered into the backyard of the home and open fired on the pit bulls, killing one; two others fled into the neighborhood. They were located and shot by police, according to Detroit Police Lt. Pride Henry.- DogsBite.org

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