2015 Fatal Pit Bull Attack: Joshua Strother

July 2015, Henderson County, NC
Joshua Strother, 6
Fatal pit bull attack – Child death
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Hendersonville, NC – In developing story, a pit bull terrier attacked and killed a 6-year old boy Tuesday afternoon, according to the Henderson County Sheriff’s Office. Arriving deputies shot and killed the dog to get to the child, but it was too late to save his life. The fatal attack happened on the pit bull owner’s property on Piney Ridge Drive, according to deputies. At the time of the deadly attack, the boy was visiting his grandparent’s home next door to the dog owner’s property.
– DogsBite.org

The young boy mauled to death by a recently adopted pit bull in Henderson County has been identified as Joshua Strother. The late night update from Blue Ridge Now communicates portions of the painful 911 call made by the little boy’s mother who is 8-months pregnant, according to a neighbor. The news report also indicates the pit bull had only been with the unnamed dog’s owner and next door neighbor for two weeks before fatally attacking a child. – Blue Ridge Now

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