2015 Fatal Pit Bull Attack: Annie Williams

July 2015, Cuyahoga County, OH
Annie Williams, 71
Fatal pit bull attack
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07/14/15: A medical examiner said that 71-year old Annie Williams who was attacked by a pit bull died from bite wounds and crushing injuries to her neck, throat and body. On Sunday, Williams stopped by a relative’s home in Shaker Heights where the pit bull lived. The dog viciously attacked her in the homeowner’s driveway as soon as she exited her vehicle. A 13-year old inside Williams’ car witnessed the violent attack, along with at least two other children at the relative’s home.
07/13/15: Woman Dies After Dog Attack
Shaker Heights, OH – An elderly woman has died after a vicious dog attack. The Cuyahoga County Medical Examiner’s Office identified the woman as 71-year old Annie Williams. The attack occurred Sunday in the 3600 hundred block of Pennington Road. The 911 caller identified the attacking dog as a “beige pit bull.” The dog was fired upon by someone at the scene. Williams was taken to South Point Hospital where she later died. An autopsy is scheduled for Monday. – DogsBite.org

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