2014 Fatal Pit Bull Attack: Edward Cahill

December 2014, Porter County, IN
Edward Cahill, 40
Fatal pit bull attack

Portage, IN – A man was found dead in his home on Christmas night after being mauled to death by his pet pit bull. Edward Cahill, 40-years old, suffered massive blood loss from bite injuries to his arms and face by his pit bull, according to Porter County Coroner Chuck Harris. Cahill was pronounced dead at his home at 5586 Tulips Ave of Portage, Indiana; Coroner Harris ruled his death a dog mauling…
Police reports state that Rodriguez was living at the residence with Cahill, but had been visiting family since about 2:00 pm that day. She reportedly spoke to Cahill on the phone about 5:00 pm and “everything was fine.” Rodriguez arrived home about 8:00 pm and found him dead. No one witnessed the attack, according to Coroner Harris… – DogsBite.org

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