2014 Fatal Pit Bull Attack: Cindy Whisman

August 2014, Butler County, OH
Cindy Whisman, 59
Fatal pit bull attack
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Madison Township, OH – In a developing story, a 59-year old woman was attacked and killed by her family’s pit bull in Madison Township. The attack occurred at a residence on the 4700 block of Eck Road just after 1 pm on Monday, according to authorities. The victim has been identified as 59-year old Cindy Whisman. The woman was attacked by the family’s pit bull and a neighbor witnessed the attack, according to police.┬áMore information is expected… – DogsBite.org

“She was out back and saw the victim being attacked in her backyard,” she said. “We don’t know what prompted the attack.” Cindy Whisman suffered multiple injuries to her face, neck and body, according to the release. She was pronounced dead at the scene, Gerhardt said. Whisman’s husband and a child were home at the time of the incident, but no one else was harmed. – Cincinnati.com

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