2014 Fatal Pit Bull Attack: Johnathan Quarles, Jr.

July 2014, Montgomery County, OH
Johnathan Quarles, Jr., < 1
Fatal pit bull attack – Child death
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07/20/14: Family Pit Bull Kills Baby
Dayton, OH – In a developing story, homicide detectives where called out to a home on Sunday after a baby was killed by a family pit bull. The attack occurred at a home on the 2200 block of Riverside Drive at about 12:30 pm. At the time of the attack, the child’s step-grandmother was babysitting the child. According to police, the step-grandmother took her eyes off the child for a “few seconds” when the pit bull attacked. The dog was seized by animal control and taken away.

Separately, this is the second fatal dog attack in the City of Dayton in 2014. In early February, 57-year old Klonda Richey was brutally killed by her neighbor’s two pit bull-type dogs after she stepped outside her home. Prior to the attack, Klonda had made at least 16 calls to 911 reporting problems with the dogs; had installed a double tiered security fence and surveillance cameras for protection and had attempted to get a civil stalking protection order against the dogs’ owner. – DogsBite.org

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