2014 Fatal Pit Bull Attack: Katie Morrison

May 2014, Lee County, AL
Katie Morrison, 20
Fatal pit bull attack
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Scalping Victim Dies
Smiths Station, AL – The Lee County coroner reports that a young woman hospitalized for severe pit bull injuries last week has died. Katie Morrison, 20-years old, was getting acquainted with the dogs, preparing to “watch” the four dogs1 while their owner left town, when three of the dogs, pit bulls, turned on their owner and Morrison. The May 2 WTVM article also noted that Morrison’s “critical condition is not improving.” She was added to the DogsBite Fatality Watch list at that time…
Morrison was transported by ambulance to Midtown Medical Center in Columbus and then transferred to Grady Memorial Hospital in Atlanta. She succumbed to her injuries Saturday night. Coroner Bill Harris said she suffered severe head injuries and multiple laceration and puncture wounds all over her body. The dogs’ owner voluntarily transported her dogs to animal control and surrendered them after the attack. The dogs remain in the state mandated 10-day quarantine. – DogsBite.org

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