2014 Fatal Pit Bull Attack: Mia DeRouen

March 2014, Terrebonne Parish, LA
Mia DeRouen, 4
Fatal pit bull attack
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03/26/14: Passed Through Window
Houma, LA – A family pit bull killed a 4-year old girl3 Tuesday night at the Houma Highlands apartment complex and attacked her mother who intervened. The dog was running wild in the apartment when police arrived just after 7 pm, forcing the mother to barricade herself and 4-year old Mia DeRouen inside her bedroom. She passed her injured daughter to paramedics through a window.4 Mia was taken to the hospital with severe facial and head injuries; she did not survive.
By 9 pm, police had cornered the animal in the apartment and tried to shoot it through a window from the second floor balcony. The dog then bolted out of the apartment and was shot repeatedly by officers. Animal control personnel carried the animal away on a tarp. A second pit bull owned by the family was also seized by authorities, but was not believed to be involved in the attack. The child’s mother, 27-year old Megan Touchet, remains hospitalized in moderate condition. – DogsBite.org

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