2014 Fatal Pit Bull Attack: Christina Burleson

January 2014, Harris County, TX
Christina Burleson, 43
Fatal pit bull attack
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UPDATE 01/06/14: Authorities have identified the woman mauled to death by several loose pit bulls. Christina Burleson, also known as Christine Bell, was killed by the animals early Sunday morning. The dogs also attacked two other people. Houston animal control officials now have both female pit bulls in custody, which belong to the same owner. Only one of these dogs is believed to have been involved in the attack. The dog’s owner was not home when KTRK visited, but predictably, pit bull puppies were home.
01/05/14: New Details Released
News continues to be released and updated about the first deadly pit bull mauling of the new year. At around 2 am Sunday morning, a woman in her 40s died after being attacked by up to three loose pit bulls in southeast Houston. The animals also attacked two other people. Authorities say the three victims were attacked by at least two female pit bulls. The dogs are estimated to be about 1-year old and 30 pounds, according to the City of Houston Animal Control manager. – DogsBite.org

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