2013 Fatal Pit Bull Attack: Jah’Niyah White

December 2013, Cook County, IL
Jah’Niyah White, 2
Fatal pit bull attack
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Chicago, IL – The child’s family does not understand why no one is in jail after her death was ruled a homicide. “I want him locked up,” Britt Williams-Nelson said, who is the child’s paternal grandmother. “I want the police to be over here and see him and take him into custody … It’s been ruled a homicide. Why is no one in jail?” she demanded. “I want justice for Jah’Niyah,” she said. “The person that did this to Jah’Niyah? I want to see them behind bars for what they did to my granddaughter.” – Chicago Tribune

The Chicago Tribune reports more information about the little girl’s family members and circumstances surrounding her death. Jah-Niyah White, 2, was pronounced dead on Saturday after suffering multiple injuries from a dog attack. Britt Williams-Nelson, the child’s paternal grandmother, told the Tribune when reached by phone: “I’ve been up for the last 48 hours,” she said mournfully. “I can’t sleep. I can’t eat. I can’t do anything except worry about my baby.” – DogsBite.org

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