2013 Fatal Pit Bull Attack: Jah’Niyah White

December 2013, Cook County, IL
Jah’Niyah White, 2
Fatal pit bull attack
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Family Calls for Justice
The child’s family does not understand why no one is in jail after her death was ruled a homicide. “I want him locked up,” Britt Williams-Nelson said, who is the child’s paternal grandmother. “I want the police to be over here and see him and take him into custody … It’s been ruled a homicide. Why is no one in jail?” she demanded. “I want justice for Jah’Niyah,” she said. “The person that did this to Jah’Niyah? I want to see them behind bars for what they did to my granddaughter.”
Kashairah said she left her daughter at her father’s house Friday night. She said she left work early Saturday, “haunted by an eerie feeling,” states the Tribune article. When authorities told her about her daughter’s death, “They told me my baby was gone, just gone,” she said. When asked by reporters if she had ever worried about her father’s two pit bulls, Gardner shook her head through tears. Gardner said her daughter “was attached to them, and they was attached to her.” – DogsBite.org

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