2013 Fatal Pit Bull Attack: Jordan Ryan

September 2013, Baker County, OR
Jordan Ryan, 5
Fatal pit bull attack

09/30/13: Residents Mourn Victim
On Sunday night, about 150 residents gathered in Baker City to remember 5-year old Jordan Ryan who was struck down by a pit bull on Friday, September 27. The group released a bundle of bright balloons into the darkening sky. Children were heard echoing, “Bye Jordan,” as they floated upward. After they disappeared into the night, someone began singing Amazing Grace and everyone else joined in. The gathering was held outside of the kindergarten that Jordan attended.
09/28/13: Child was Being Babysat
New information has been reported about the most recent pit bull fatality in Baker City. School Superintendent Walt Wegener confirmed that a dog attack took the kindergartner’s life on Friday. “He was dropped off for babysitting and ended up being taken to the hospital where he was pronounced dead in the middle of the morning,” Wegener said. The school district has a four-days a week schedule for students, which is why the child was with a babysitter on Friday. – DogsBite.org

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