2013 Fatal Pit Bull Attack: Nephi Selu

June 2013, Almeda County, CA
Nephi Selu, 6
Fatal pit bull attack
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06/18/13: Visiting Grandparent’s Home
News continues to unfold at a rapid pace. Nephi Selu of Dixon was staying at his grandparent’s home in Union City when the dog attacked. “According to family members, the boy was actively playing with the dog and may have attempted to climb onto the dog’s back,” said police Cmdr. Ben Horner. “The dog attacked the boy and bit him on top of his head.” The owner said the dog “had never been involved in a biting incident in the past,” Horner said…
06/18/13: Boy Killed by Dog
Union City, CA – In a developing story, a 6-year old boy was killed by a dog on Monday. The attack happened at a home on Elizabeth Way about 11:00 am. A neighbor said the boy lived with his grandparents at the home along with several of his cousins. The fire department confirmed to ABC 7 News that the attacking dog was a pit bull or pit bull-mix. Neighbors told the news station that two pit bulls lived at the home. At least one of the dogs was taken away by animal control.
The SFGate reported that the boy died at Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital in Palo Alto. The boy has been identified as Nephi Selu. Police are expected to provide more information on Tuesday. The boy’s death is not the first in the Bay Area to be attributed to a family pit bull. In 2011, Darla Napora, 32-years old, was killed by her pet pit bull in Pacifica. She was pregnant at the time. In 2010, Jacob Bisbee, 2-years old, was killed by three pit bulls at a relative’s home in Concord. – DogsBite.org

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