2012 Fatal Pit Bull Attack: Deborah Rene Wilson Roberts

September 2012, Jefferson County, AR
Deborah Rene Wilson Roberts, 45
Fatal Pit Bull Attack

09/10/12: The victim’s mother, Patsy Cannon, told KARK 4 News that she had warned her daughter that pit bulls were not good dogs to have as pets. Cannon even told the reporter she felt the dogs would turn on her daughter one day. “I don’t feel like she needed the dogs,” Cannon said. She added, “I’ve heard a lot about [pit bulls] and I didn’t particularly care for her having the dogs, but when you get to a certain age what are you gonna do?” Cannon now awaits the autopsy report…
09/10/12: In a story updated late Sunday night, Major Lafayette Woods Jr. told KATV news, “It was a gruesome scene. There was a substantial amount of blood at the scene, also damage to the body that we believe came as a result of the dogs attacking.” Additionally, it was the victim who had been attacked by the dogs before, according to her husband. It was unclear to Woods Jr. how substantial her injuries were at that time, but was told she was taken to the ER. – DogsBite.org

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