2012 Fatal Pit Bull Attack: Clifford Wright

May 2012, Santa Fe County, NM
Clifford Wright, 74
Fatal pit bull attack

05/03/12: On Thursday, the state Office of the Medical Investigator released an initial cause of death finding determining that 74-year old Clifford Wright died as a result of a dog attack, not any other health issue. According to the Santa Fe Police Department, Wright also had a history of dog attack reports at his home. In 2005, police responded to Wright’s home after reports he was bitten by a different pit bull. In 2011, police responded to reports of a loose pit bull.
05/02/12: Santa Fe, NM – In a developing story, Santa Fe police are investigating the death of a 74-year old man. Clifford Wright was discovered by his 27-year old son, Gavin Wright, dead in the front yard on Wednesday. Police responded to an emergency medical call from the son, who said “his father had been attacked by an animal at their house.” According to a longtime neighbor, the unaltered male pit bull belonged to the son and was a recent addition to the family’s household. – DogsBite.org

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