2016 Pit Bull Fatality: Adonis Reddick

May 2016, St. Louis County, MO
Adonis Reddick, 45
Fatal pit bull attack

St. Louis County Police released autopsy results of a man found dead Monday in a home with his two pet pit bulls. Adonis Reddick, 45-years old, died due to fatal dog bite injuries inflicted to his neck, authorities said. St. Louis County police spokesman Shawn McGuire said the county medical examiner determined that Reddick died of “penetrating and perforating” wounds to the neck. County police investigators believe he was killed by one of his two pit bulls. – DogsBite.org
Reddick had developmental disabilities but lived independently and volunteered with St. Louis ARC, which serves people with disabilities in the region, said Sharon Spurlock, director of family support for the organization. Reddick won a national award last year for his efforts to educate, train and support others living with disabilities. – St. Louis Post-Dispatch

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