2016 Pit Bull Fatality: Sebastian Caban

April 2016, San Diego County, CA
Sebastian Caban, < 1
Fatal pit bull attack
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Rehomed by San Diego Humane Society: It was learned today that San Diego Humane Society adopted out the pit bull, named Polo, that killed a baby 5-months earlier. In a letter to staff and volunteers, the director, Gary Weitzman, said: “This horrible accident was one that all of us in animal sheltering dread and not a single one of us could have  foreseen.  There was not a fragment of aggression seen in this dog before tragedy struck.  But tragedy did  strike and there was nothing any of us could have done to prevent it.” – SDHS
The San Diego County Medical Examiner’s Office has identified the 3-day old baby boy that was attacked and killed by the family pit bull-mix last Thursday. Sebastian Caban of San Diego died due to dog bite injuries to his head, states the medical examiner’s news release. The manner of death was ruled an accident. The “decedent was mauled by the family dog after the dog was startled awake when sleeping on the bed with the mother and decedent,” states the news release.
San Diego, CA – A 3-day old baby was fatally attacked by a family pit bull, San Diego police said Friday. The deadly attack occurred Thursday night on Flanders Drive in the Mira Mesa area. The dog is now in the custody of San Diego County Animal Services, police said. Dan DeSousa, Deputy Director of Animal Services and longtime pit bull sympathizer, said the dog is a 2-year old male, neutered pit bull, but insisted on calling the animal an “American Staffordshire Terrier.” – DogsBite.org

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