2014 Fatal Pit Bull Attack: Petra Aguirre

April 2014, Bexar County, TX
Petra Aguirre, 83
Fatal pit bull attack
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San Antonio, TX – An elderly woman has died for the second time this year at University Hospital (See a related study from the same hospital: Mortality, Mauling and Maiming by Vicious Dogs). Petra Aguirre, 83-years old, was attacked by a neighbor’s pit bull in her backyard last month. Aguirre had bites all over her body, according to officials and family members. She died Friday evening at the hospital. The 2-year old pit bull had been involved in a previous biting incident…
A news report by the Associated Press states she was attacked on March 31 while feeding her cats in her own backyard. The Bexar County Medical Examiner’s Office said Petra Aguirre died on Friday from dog bite complications. Animal Care Services spokeswoman Lisa Norwood says the dog “got past Aguirre’s fence.” The pit bull inflicted bites to her head, neck, arms and legs. That dog and two others where involved in an attack last May when a 13-year old boy was bitten. – DogsBite.org

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2014 Fatal Pit Bull Attack: Betty Clark

January 2014, Comal County, TX
Betty Clark, 75
Fatal pit bull attack
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Canyon Lake, TX – While literally in the midst of preparing to contact the Comal County Animal Control Dept. about a reported dog bite fatality noted in a Spring 2014 Comal County Public Health Dept. newsletter, information about this death was reported by the San Antonio Express-News late last night. Betty Clark, 75-years old, was delivering presents to her Canyon Lake neighbors on December 21 when she was attacked by two pit bulls in her neighborhood…
In a nutshell, while DogsBite.org has substantial concerns about dog mauling fatalities by all breeds failing to be reported by media outlets in all 50 states, the deaths of both Betty Clark, 75-years old of Canyon Lake, and Petra Aguirre, 83-years old of San Antonio, are possibly on public record at all today due to assistance from doctors at University Hospital. The advocacy movement needs health officials in every state to ensure that this information is public. - DogsBite.org

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1850 Fatal Pit Bull Attack: Baby Schenck

October 1850, Montgomery County, OH
Baby Schenck, child
Fatal bulldog (pit bull-type) attack
Lewisburg Chronicle
Library of Congress
November 6, 1850

Awful Death of a Child
Mrs. Schenck a widow, living some five miles beyond Montgomery, in this county, had her child, a little girl just able to walk, attacked by a big bull dog. The dog seized the child by the throat, and the more he was pounded to make him let go, the harder he held on. The people broke the dog’s back, and after inserting a lever into his mouth, pried his jaws open and released the sufferer, but not until her throat was mangled so that many pieve hung loose. No hopes of the child’s recovery were entertained at last accounts; the physicians declared it past help–it is dead–here this. – Cincinnati Commercial

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2014 Fatal Pit Bull Attack: John Harvard

April 2014, St. Clair County, AL
John Harvard, 5
Fatal pit bull attack
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04/06/14: Pit Bull Kills Child
St. Clair County, AL – In a developing story, a 5-year old boy died Sunday after being attacked by a pit bull in Riverside, Mayor Rusty Jessup told ABC 33/40. The victim was playing with his 9-year old brother when the animal attacked him, according to Jessup. He was transported to a local hospital, where he was pronounced dead. Police have identified the 5-year old boy as John Harvard. ABC 33/40 has a crew en route to the scene and will be livestreaming from the scene.
WVTM adds additional details about the attack. Jessup said the attack occurred just after 4:00 pm Sunday. The two brothers were playing in their yard when an 80-pound pit bull came onto their property and attacked the younger boy, Jessup said. The 9-year old tried to get the animal off his brother, but could not. He ran into their house to get help. The father ran back outside and shot at the pit bull. The boy was rushed to St. Vincent’s Hospital in St. Clair County, where he died. - DogsBite.org

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2014 Fatal Pit Bull Attack: Christopher Malone

March 2014, Holmes County, MS
Christopher Malone, 3
Fatal pit bull attack
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UPDATE 04/01/14: WAFB video footage shows the high fenced pen the two pit bulls escaped from and attacked the child who was playing nearby. How the dogs escaped is unknown. The footage also shows authorities carrying away both pit bulls, referred to by the child’s aunt, Lucy Mayze, as “puppies.” When asked if the dogs were vicious before, Mayze said, “Not the puppies. They never been no real vicious dog they never bit nobody they never jumped on nobody” …
03/31/14: Pit Bulls Kill Child
Holmes County, MS – In a developing story, two pit bulls owned by a family member killed a 3-year old boy on Monday afternoon in Holmes County. The attack occurred in the Thornton Community. The boy died on the scene. Holmes County Sheriff Willie March said it appears the dogs were in a pen and got out. Family members owned the two pit bulls, March said. The boy has been identified as Christopher Malone. The coroner and Holmes County Sheriff’s Department are on the scene. – DogsBite.org

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2014 Fatal Pit Bull Attack: Mia DeRouen

March 2014, Terrebonne Parish, LA
Mia DeRouen, 4
Fatal pit bull attack
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03/26/14: Passed Through Window
Houma, LA – A family pit bull killed a 4-year old girl3 Tuesday night at the Houma Highlands apartment complex and attacked her mother who intervened. The dog was running wild in the apartment when police arrived just after 7 pm, forcing the mother to barricade herself and 4-year old Mia DeRouen inside her bedroom. She passed her injured daughter to paramedics through a window.4 Mia was taken to the hospital with severe facial and head injuries; she did not survive.
By 9 pm, police had cornered the animal in the apartment and tried to shoot it through a window from the second floor balcony. The dog then bolted out of the apartment and was shot repeatedly by officers. Animal control personnel carried the animal away on a tarp. A second pit bull owned by the family was also seized by authorities, but was not believed to be involved in the attack. The child’s mother, 27-year old Megan Touchet, remains hospitalized in moderate condition. – DogsBite.org

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1891 Fatal Pit Bull Attack: Mary Glendenning

October 1891, Warren County, IN
Mary Glendenning, 35
Fatal bulldog (pit bull-type) attack
The Sun (Indiana)
October 2, 1891

Killed by a Bull-Dog
One Woman Horribly Lacerated and Another Injured
A Vicious Baltimore Brute Attacks His Mistress–A Neighbor Attempts a Rescue and is Badly Bitten–Saved by a Passing Stranger
Baltimore, Oct 2 — A most distressing affair occurred here Friday. Mrs. Mary Glendenning, aged 35, was attacked by a bull-dog at her house. The enraged brute sprang at her, fixed his teeth in her body and lacerated the flesh in the frightful manner. The frightened and frantic woman fought desperately for her life, screaming loudly for help the while. She was unable to beat off the vicious brute. The latter, after biting her severely three times, bore her to the ground and fixed his teeth in her side. Being almost unconscious, she was unable to further defend herself, and the animal dragged her some distance. Mrs. Hess, a neighbor, had heard the unfortunate woman’s screams and hurried to her aid. She attempted to to drive the dog away, but the latter left the prostrate form of his first victim and turned upon Mrs. Hess, biting her severely in the leg and arm. At that moment a man passing the house, discovered the endangered women and at once rushed to their rescue. After a considerable struggle he succeeded in beating off the dog. An examination developed that Mrs. Glendenning has been fatally wounded. Mrs. Hess may recover. – The Sun

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2014 Fatal Pit Bull Attack: Braelynn Coulter

February 2014, Guilford County, NC
Braelynn Coulter, 3
Fatal pit bull attack
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UPDATE 02/25/14: The family identified the 3-year old girl killed by a pet pit bull on Monday as Braelynn Rayne Coulter and issued a short statement about her death. A GoFundMe page was set up to help her family pay for funeral costs and expenses. More photos of Braelynn can be seen on that page. Braelynn Coulter, 3, is the 390th American citizen mauled to death by a pit bull since the archival project, Fatal Pit Bull Attacks – The Archival Record, began recording these deaths.
02/25/14: Previous Aggression
The Greensboro News-Record.com captured images of the fatally attacking family pit bull, male, along with two Beware of Dog signs posted on the family’s home and documentation of the pit bull being held in quarantine as “very aggressive.” Neighbor Katherine Dixon, 24, who lives next door, said the family moved in about a year ago and have two pit bulls. A few months ago, both pit bulls broke through a fence an attacked a neighbor’s pet dog that was being walked by its owner. -DogsBite.org

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1928 Pit Bull Fatality: Emily Kienle

February 1928, El Paso County, TX
Emily Kienle, 4
Fatal bulldog (pit bull-type) attack
Roswell Daily Record
February 11, 1928
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Pet Bull Dog Kills Child at El Paso
El Paso, Texas, Feb 11 –(AP)– Turning on his little mistress when she attempted to take a bone from him late Friday “Booster” pet bull dog inflicted injuries which caused death of Emily Kiene, 4, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Walter F. Kienle.
“My baby and the dog were best friends” said the father. “We have had him since he was six months old. As I figure it, Emily crawled into his kennel yesterday and picked up his bone and he attacked her. When he bit her he tasted blood. The dog clamped its jaws on the child’s throat and was dragging the child about the yard when discovered. The child was rushed to a local hospital but died during the night. Death was pronounced due to a fracture of the skull and loss of blood. – Roswell Daily Record

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2014 Fatal Pit Bull Attack: Je’vaeh Mayes

February 2014, Bell County, TX
Je’vaeh Mayes, 2
Fatal pit bull attack
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Family Owned Pit Bull
UPDATE 02/19/14: In a Tuesday update by KXAN, it was revealed that the child’s family also owned a pit bull. “The Mayes family had their own pit bull that neighbors and family members say is friendly, and the kids play with it all the time,” states the article. Details are sparse partly because the local paper, the Temple Daily Telegram, is behind a paywall. Today, the Killeen Daily Herald noted that the attacking female pit bull also had two puppies at the time of the incident.
2/17/14: Child Killed by Pit Bull
Temple, TX – In developing story, a 2-year old girl died Monday after being attacked by a pit bull her family was “watching for a friend.” The toddler slipped out of the house and into the backyard where the dog attacked. Temple police identified the victim as Je’vaeh Mayes. Officers were dispatched to the home about 11:30 am. While en route, however, police were notified that a toddler attacked by a dog had just been admitted to the Scott & White Hospital emergency room. – DogsBite.org

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1924 Fatal Pit Bull Attack: Letha Sanders

February 1924, Jewell County, KS
Letha Sanders, Child
Fatal bulldog (pit bull-type) attack
The Belleville Tellescope
February 21, 1924

Girl is killed by bull dog
Mankato, Kansas, February 9 – Miss Letha Sanders, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Albert Sanders of Esbon, Kansas, was killed by a bull dog in her home this morning. The dog badly mutilated her face and tor the flesh from one arm, severing an artery. – The Belleville Tellescope

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1904: ‘Pit’ Bulldog Muzzle Ordinance, Charlotte, NC

In Police Circles
August 2, 1904
Charlotte Observer

In Police Circles
Violated the Bull Dog Ordinance
That bulldog ordinance is getting in its work on Mr. S. J. Biggers, the Seventh street groceryman, and Paul Biggers, his son, who are the possessors of some very fine dogs. It seems, however, that the dog-breeders are about to get into trouble, for a warrant at the police station last night charged Mr. Biggers and Master Paul with violating that formidable bulldog ordinance and the defendants will be arraigned before Recorder Shannonhouse this morning to explain matters… -Charlotte Observer

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1886 Fatal Pit Bull Attack: Jimmy Gallagher

February 1886, Augusta-Richmond County, GA
Jimmy Gallagher, Child
Fatal bulldog (pit bull-type) attack
The Big Sandy News
February 11, 1886
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Augusta, GA – Feb 7 — A terrible scene was witnessed at the corner of Reynolds and Forsythe streets last evening, when a huge bull-dog grasped a boy named Jimmy Gallagher. Catching the boy up in his mouth the dog shook him like a rat as he ran down the street. Crowds collected, which maddened the animal. A shot-gun was brought into play; when the the dog dropped the lacerated child and dashed into the crowd, biting left and right. Another shot blew the dog’s brains out. The child cannot live. – Library of Congress

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1912 Fatal Pit Bull Attack: Harry Pecher

Mad Dog Tears Child Fatally; Bites Mother
The Sun (New York)
November 14, 1912
Library of Congress
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Animal Waits Until Young Master, Ill, Is Alone and Attacks Him
Woman Tackles Brute
Battles to Save Children Though Wounded–Policemen End Fight
In spite of his mother’s heroic efforts to save him, Harry Pecher, 11 years old, is dying in the Harlem Hospital, following an attack by his pet bulldog Boy yesterday.
Harry lives in the basement of a large flat building at 8 West 119th street, where his mother, Mar. Mary Pecher, is the janitress. Mrs. Pecher is suffering from several bites on the body.
Harry has been ill fro several weeks and when went out to buy some things for luncheon yesterday she took with her four-year-old Anthony, leaving Harry propped up in a chair, with the bulldog for company.
Mrs. Pecher had scarcely reached the street when she heard the barking of the dog and shrill cries of “Mamma, mamma!”
She ran back and found Harry screaming on the floor, with Boy savagely attacking the little fellow’s face … As Mrs. Pecher went to the prostrate boy the dog released his hold on the boy’s face and began to tear his arms. Attack after attack followed as the woman tried to save her child, but the dog would not be beaten off…
Accordingly [police] all open fired on the dog, shooting through the glass of the windows, but failed to hit him.
Then the policemen pulled down one of the upper sashes and took closer aim. Thirty more shots were fired before McMahon and Callum hit the dog and wounded him. They then entered the basement and killed him… – The Sun

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1908: ‘Pit’ Bulldog Muzzle Ordinance, Tampa, FL

Bulldogs of Tampa Must Wear Masks
Tampa Tribune
June 28, 1908

Bulldogs of Tampa Must Wear Masks
Chief of Police Woodward will issue instructions to members of the force to arrest every person who allows a bull dog to run on the streets of the city without being muzzled, and Judge Peeples will be ready with a stiff fine for those who violate the city ordinance providing that bull dogs be muzzled while on the street.
The attention of the police has been called to the number of dogs that have been allowed on the streets recently without a muzzle on and several instances of other dogs being almost killed by these vicious canines have been reported… – Tampa Tribune

The bulldog of the late 1800s and early 1900s is the same dog as today’s pit bull terrier. The only thing that has changed about this dog breed in the last century are the different names it goes by: bulldog, pit dog, bull pit, bull terrier — pit bull terrier. Modern dogfighters still call their fighting pit bulls “100% bulldog.” (See: Disguise breed name)
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